BrightBox Plus: Power tablets, smartphones, and up to 4 lights

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One Degree Solar BrightBox Plus

All-in-one solar electricity system that powers lights, phones, radios, tablets and more.

Power your devices with the sun

Power smartphones, feature phones, radios, tablets, and any USB device.

Long, Bright Lighting

Power two lights for 8 hours or one bulb for 16 hours with a full battery.

Solar Panel

Efficient, durable and weatherproof solar panel recharges battery in 8 hours.


Aluminum handle for easy carrying.

Custom Configurations Available

BrightBox Plus includes two USB ports and four light ports. Additional configurations and systen sizes (from 1-100 lights) are available upon request from leading organizations, agencies, and corporations and backed by our two-year warranty. Contact us for information.

What's Included?

BrightBox Plus includes everything you need to get up and running: two light bulbs (4 light ports total), a universal phone charger, a radio charger, a 10W panel and two lighting cables. Buy additional BrightBulbs to have a 4-light system.