Bright2: Phone Charger + Lantern

Close up

Bright2 at a glance

The Bright2 lantern is a solar phone charger with built-in LED light.

Use the sun to charge phones and shine bright

Charge your phone from the USB port and have bright light, anywhere

Designed for You!

A glow in the dark button. Easy to read indicators for charging level and battery status. A removable handle for extra portability. Enjoy!

Multiple Lighting Modes

3 brightness settings to light an entire room, a dinner table, or just your favorite book

Solar Panel Included

Efficient, durable and weatherproof solar panel

Pays for Itself. Quickly.

Bright2 allows customers to stop spending money on kerosene and save the time and money needed for trips to the local phone charging kiosk. After just a few months of savings, Bright2 pays for itself!