Meet BrightBox, a market leading, all-in-one solar electricity system that powers phones, radios, and lights for thousands of households and small businesses across Africa.

Charge smartphones + tablets
USB ports to power phones and radios
Power button glows red when on
Compact. Durable. Powerful.
Four lighting ports + solar input
Power 4 lights at once. Simply.

Talk, Browse, and Charge

BrightBox quickly charges the most popular phones and USB devices. Never run out of power on your smartphone, mi-fi router, or tablet again.

Unleash Your Radio

BrightBox includes a special USB cable that powers most of the commonly available FM radios in East Africa. Enjoy music, news, and sports… and never buy dry cell batteries again!

Ultra Bright Lighting

BrightBox includes two light bulbs that have been independently tested to be brighter than anything on the market. Need more? Power up to four bulbs with the extra BrightBulb + cable package.

Open Source Design

Easy, plug-and-play setup will have you going in minutes. Worried about years from now? BrightBox is also easy to maintain: it uses your locally available motorbike batteries, 12V DC bulbs, and favorite radios!

Al Jazeera TV Highlights One Degree BrightBox in Kenya

One Degree Details

Who we are

Our team believes that solar energy can be a gateway to productivity, mobile connectivity, and community development. By creating high-quality, easy-to-use products, our “out-of-the-box” technology changes lives worldwide. At One Degree, we believe that with reliable energy and communications, there are no longer six degrees of separation. Get connected today.

What we do

One Degree is a manufacturer and wholesaler of renewable energy systems. We have operations in Asia and East Africa, where tens of thousands of people are now enjoying brighter, more productive lives. By using SMS and a suite of mobile apps, we also provide industry-leading customer service, after-sales support, and impact measurement.

Where we are

Our primary sales and operations are in Kenya. We are rapidly expanding elsewhere in East Africa while developing partnerships with distribution partners in West Africa, South East Asia, and South America.

Join us!

If you would like to learn more about becoming a distributor of One Degree products in your region, we would love to hear from you. Please visit our Contact page so we can begin to brighten lives together.

All-in-One System

The complete BrightBox retail package includes everything you need for power, with 10-minute setup and no extra tools or parts required. Our customers receive:

  • BrightBox station with built-in battery, 2 USB ports, 4 light ports, illuminated power button, charging indicator light, and aluminum handle
  • waterproof solar panel with metal frame and ultra-long 10m cable
  • USB cable for charging popular phones and tablets
  • Cable to charge commonly available radios
  • two ultra-bright light bulbs, with independent switches and ultra-long cables
  • one year warranty, user manual, and free support via SMS, phone, and email
BrightBox 2 passes Lighting Global Quality Standards and meets Lighting Africa Recommended Performance Targets. BrightBox also provides more light per charge than any other tested productThird-party test results are available by clicking the Lighting Africa button. BrightBox now gives over 365 lumens for 20+ hours per day! Enjoy peace of mind with a one-year worry-free warranty, along with free SMS and phone support.
Lighting Global

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Coca Cola, which will empower thousands of off-grid entrepreneurs across Kenya.

Nielsen market research has found that, on average, kiosk owners with BrightBox have increased revenue by 15% and decreased energy spending on candles and kerosene by 90%!

Visit our Facebook page or the Coca Cola website for all of the latest press and view national news coverage here.

Coca Cola Initiative Makes National News

  • "My wife and I have three teenagers and we all have phones. Before we had just the basic phones, but now we each have smartphones to use the internet. The batteries would die very fast and each of us would spend 100 Shillings a week ($1.20) just on charging. I think BrightBox has saved my family at least 2,000 Shillings a month ($24) just on our phone charging, and we can use our phones as much as we want."
  • "With BrightBox, I have been able to save 1000 KES ($12 USD) per month on candles and kerosene. My shop now stays open after-dark and many more customers visit me since it is the only shop in town with lighting. Each month I now make much more money and am finally able to pay my children's school fees."
  • "We have been selling BrightBox for a few months and people really love it, especially when they see the lights turn on. Many people in the villages say it is like stima (electricity) that their families have in the city. They are saving money and happy that their lives have improved. Our shop also uses a BrightBox to stay open late and we make good money selling each one."
  • "BrightBox has helped us in so many ways! We used to spend 800 Shillings ($9.50) a month for two paraffin lanterns. The fumes smelled and always made us feel sick. Sometimes our eyes would burn. Now my husband and I sit in any room of the house and just press the switch for very bright light. We cook, eat, and have more time at home, and don't have to visit the store to charge our phones or buy paraffin."